[free-sklyarov] Of indictments and Adobe

alfee cube sisgeek at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 10:33:41 PDT 2001

> It's an act of supreme arrogance that pits the
> economic benefits of
> 40,000 eBook readers against the constitutional
> rights of 285 million
> Americans, or, as it appears Adobe believes it can
> apply this fascistic
> law without regard to international borders, the 
> six billion
> inhabitants of this planet.


u might discover that the american government and
industry have overplayed their hand and this will
actually benefit those seeking to amend the DMCA (of
course those overplaying their hand are the last to
acknowledge it!:)

i suspect when the 285 million are educated on the
effects of the DMCA, a critical mass for amended or
repeal will follow shortly after. Those now applauding
(Adobe, RIAA, SIIA, and others) these draconian
measures will eventually discover that their interests
are adversely impacted by same.


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