[free-sklyarov] Increasing awareness and pressure

Xcott Craver sacraver at EE.Princeton.EDU
Wed Aug 29 14:04:18 PDT 2001

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Edmund A. Hintz wrote:

> You missed one: stupid political activities(either here or abroad). IIRC
> they have a dedicated segment on this sort of thing called "give me a
> break". Not that I really watch it that much...

	Oh, that's even more dangerous.  John Stossel has been forced
	by ABC to apologize in the past, for making up stuff on the
	"give me a break" segment.  Stossel bullys people in interviews
	and then sprays all the footage with a big can of Context-Away(tm)
	to make it fit his weekly pet theory that some group of people
	are a bunch of idiots.

	Often it's a pro-big-business theory, BTW, for instance that
	organic foods are a fraud, or that people in a class action suit
	against McDonalds are all con artists and crybabies.  I wonder
	how he'd handle the DMCA issue.

	FWIW, that's 20/20, and 60 Minutes is considerably more legit.
	The other shows really pump up the scandal in order to compete.
	However, I trust none of them.  Being asked for an interview on
	20/20 is just a couple notches above being asked to be a guest on
	the Jerry Springer show.

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