[free-sklyarov] Indictment may be a good thing for Dmitry

Nicholas Lentz nickpda255 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 30 02:19:07 PDT 2001

As strange as it may sound, this indictment may
actually be a good thing for Dmitry.  It means that at
least he will have a trial fairly soon, hopefully. 
Remember, in some other cases, they have held computer
"hackers" for years without setting a trial date. 
Then the "hacker" would plead guilty to whatever the
FBI wanted just so they could get a sentence and be
out in a few years.  By the FBI actually going to
trial, there is not that "how long will I be held
without a day in court" issue that others, such as
Mitnick had.  Being indicted was certainly not the
best outcome, but it was fairly good compared to being
held in jail for three years without even being told
the evidence against him.

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