[free-sklyarov] Moscow protest: SUCCESS!

Ilya V. Vasilyev ath at limm.mgimo.ru
Thu Aug 30 12:57:46 PDT 2001

Hi, All!

Today protest in Moscow had a great success.

At first we had minor misunderstanding with police, but after short
15min talks police approved that our action is a legal one and
cops just present near to keep order and defend us if emergency.
But at that short time few people failed to reach the protest because
of police and return home.

Totally we had 30 people (planned 50), standing near U.S. Ambassy
and plenty of journalists from different countries, about 50% from Russia.
Few people from Baumaskij University, the place, where Dimitry
studied and defending PhD on eBooks, joined our action.

We hold two flags -- U.S. and Russian, different signs and
"FREE SKLYAROV" message on two languages.
("FREE THOUGHT -- FREE CODE") was taken by
a girl Ivy, my student, in order to nail to the wall of her own room.

Also we distributed more than 50 CD-ROMs with AEBPR,
DMCA and materials on Sklyarov case.  CD-ROMs were

"Share this CD With Friends
 Spend 5 Years in Jail
 Pay $500,000

Some people were in black T-Shirts for mourning
of human rights in U.S. and Internet.

This is the second Free Sklyarov anti-DMCA action in Moscow.
Everybody enjoyed the happening and want to participate
in future actions.  Moscow activists decided to keep on struggling
until Dmitry Sklyarov will be safe and on freedom.

I expect photoes to appear on our official website
( moscow.freesklyarov.org ) in a few days.  But, may be,
you already saw the event on your local TV. 8-)

- - -
Ilya V. Vasilyev
Civil Hackers' School
Moscow Center +7(095)162-4767

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