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Will Doherty wild at eff.org
Thu Aug 30 14:42:08 PDT 2001

A statement from Noam Chomsky and/or Howard Zinn would
be helpful. Please provide copies to EFF if you get
them so that we can publicize.

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At 04:17 PM 8/30/2001 -0400, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
>Wow.  A *great* protest today in front of the Boston Public Library.  At
>least an order of magnitude more people than we had last week. =)  Lots of
>enthusiasm, we handed out *hundreds* of flyers, we convinced passing
>motorists that the DMCA undermined that great Library sitting right across
>the street from us, and a few of them even honked their horns in support
>as they drove by! =)  I saw people handing flyers through open windows, I
>saw mothers pushing baby carraiges holding protest signs, it was
>*wonderful*. Jonathan and I sang all four songs in our reportoire at full
>volume. Can't quite match the BBC reporter who led off her report with
>"The Sklyarov case is turning computer people... into *village people*"...
>but we certainly delivered our version of D-M-C-A with brio. =)  And we
>tried out our Beastie Boy's filk, "You gotta fight, for your right, to
>reeeeaaad BOOKS" -- we'll do better at that next week. =)
>And, better yet, I got a small crowd of people around me at the end of the
>event suggesting ideas for future protests and (maybe even) volunteering
>to work on them!  Yay, go team!  Expect a bit of noise on dmitry-boston
>later in the week as new people join.
>NEXT WEEK! Next Thursday, same time (noon), same place.  Next Saturday
>(Sept 8) we will join the national "Letter-writing day" with a cookout,
>probabaly at MIT, and we'll throw in a planning/organizational meeting
>into the event while we're at it.  Jonathan Watterson wants to do another
>creative meeting (paint more banners, make large cardboard props) next
>Thursday evening after the protest maybe.  Discuss this on the list,
>Things that paid off: working known-friendly reporters and putting up over
>200 posters around MIT over the past few days.
>Things that didn't (yet): posts to activist mailing lists, email to campus
>greens, letters to libertarian david brudnoy (and many other talk show
>hosts), letters to individual librarians at the BPL as well as to the BPL
>president. So we've still got a ways to go in the coalition building
>Things I'm excited about: faculty support for a teach-in seems pretty
>good; I've already talked to Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn and some MIT
>faculty.  We've got two people (Daniel Chudnov and Don Saklad) working
>more on the library front, and it looks promising.  Personal contacts
>certainly work better than cold calls.  With the return of MIT hackers,
>I'm hoping some more of my media stunt ideas will come off, and I plan to
>continue flyering at more Boston area campuses, since that seemed to work
>well.  I've also got a lot of letters out there that people haven't
>responded to yet, hopefully we'll see some positive replies in the next
>week.  Oh, and the RETURN OF OUR MOMENTUM!  yay, go Boston!
>   --scott
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