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The letter to the editor I just fired off to the NY Times...

Keep up the fight,

Dear Editors,

Jennifer Lee's update on the Sklyarov case (Russian Programmer Enters 
Plea, 8/31/01) casts an unfortunate light on the public opposition to 
the charges. Ms. Lee calls the case a "cause célèbre," and notes the 
t-shirts and bumper stickers selling online.

Those comments nearly poke fun at an incredibly concerned opposition 
movement that rightfully sees the case  and the DMCA has a huge civil 
liberties infringement. The DMCA dictates a significant 
transformation of copyright in our society; a transformation that has 
effects directly opposite to the copyright law's original intentions.

  The computer geeks on the front lines of the digital age are working 
hard to protect us all from the chilling effects of this law, whether 
or not we have taken the time to fully understand it's implications 
for society. Let's give them a bit more credit than noting their 
t-shirts and bumper stickers.


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