[free-sklyarov] New York Times story on court appearance

Alex Katalov akatalov at elcomsoft.com
Fri Aug 31 10:47:01 PDT 2001

Dear Karsten,

>> Jennifer Lee's update on the Sklyarov case (Russian Programmer Enters
>> Plea, 8/31/01) casts an unfortunate light on the public opposition to
>> the charges. Ms. Lee calls the case a "cause célèbre," and notes the
>> t-shirts and bumper stickers selling online.

KMS> I think you've seriously misread Jennifer 8 Lee's reporting.  She's
KMS> noting the level of public support and outrage over the case.

As you may not know - Dmitry and me met Jennifer at DefCon, a day
bafore Dmitry was arrested. She was one of my first phone calls
(really - third, after calls to Russian Consulate and to local FBI
office :-))  at July 16, when I learn that Dmitry was detained. And
she follows this story from early beginning and throw all these hard
days (for example - I saw she on protests in San Francisco in July).

Well, may be sometimes she doesn't understand some details, but she is
really friendly!

Best regards,
 Alex                            mailto:akatalov at elcomsoft.com

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