[free-sklyarov] U.S. DOD looking for pro-Sklyarov pages

Robert Knop rknop at pobox.com
Fri Aug 31 13:08:06 PDT 2001

> >I am curious about what this spider is, but on the other 
> >hand, government interest in your web site is not always 
> >sinister.
> Couldn't somebody could just be browsing these pages 
> while they're at work at the pentagon????

Hell, I had browsed some of those pages at the place I was formerly
employed, which was in the ".lbl.gov" domain.  It's Lawrence Berkeley
Lab in Berkeley, which is a DOE lab but which has nothing to do with
Lawrence Livermore Lab or anything military.  Any hits you get from that
site are not "official government snooping," but individuals, likely
scientists taking a break, who happen to be at work while cruising the
web.  Many if not most of them are more likely to be sympathetic with
the pro-sklyarov argument in this case.


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