[free-sklyarov] Re: [free-sklyarov-announce] San Francisco protest

Edmund A. Hintz ed at hintz.org
Fri Aug 31 13:26:36 PDT 2001

On 8/30/01 4:27 PM, ed at hintz.org thus spake:

>There's a little over 1 minute of video in quicktime format. I'm working 
>on converting it but it's a very slow process, and I'm not entirely sure 
>it's going to work properly anyway-tried it on a 2k box and the video was 
>there but the sound was lost, mtv on my linux box just died. If somebody 
>wants to grab the vid and convert it to mpg, please do and send it to me 

Got the mpg up:


Again, unknown how compatible it will be. If somebody wants to finesse it 
by all means do so and let me know. But don't mail it to me this weekend, 
I'll be in the Sierras with only dialup...

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