[free-sklyarov] New York Times story on court appearance

Jeme A Brelin jeme at brelin.net
Fri Aug 31 14:38:41 PDT 2001

On Fri, 31 Aug 2001, dead addict wrote:
> "The trial will be scheduled at a hearing on Sept. 4. Mr. Sklyarov has
> been free on $50,000 bail since Aug. 6. He lives in Cupertino, Calif."
> Looks like a factual error.

No, it's a purposeful misdirection.

They NEED to dispel the idea that a Russian is being held for something he
did in Russia... they're saying "Oh, he SOUNDS Russian... and the company
he works for is in Moscow... but he lives in Cupertino... he's an
entrepreneurial dotcommer."

And then, in five or six days, after people's opinions have had a chance
to settle and everyone's read the article and had it thrown in their faces
by their friends in media, the NYT will put a retraction on page D23 in a
little box that says "Page B1 contained an article that used the words
'Cupertino, Calif' in place of 'Moscow, Russia'.  The New York Times
regrets the error."  And they've made their lie stick without actually,
obviously lying.

This is done in television news QUITE regularly.

> Imagine a factual error in the NYTIMES.

I'm not touching that one.
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