[free-sklyarov] From AAP

Vladimir Katalov vkatalov at elcomsoft.com
Fri Nov 2 06:46:45 PST 2001


BT: What will it take for most traditional publishers to invest in
e-books? When do you anticipate this happening?

EM: Publishers want to know that copyright in the works they publish
will be protected. Without sufficient technical and legal protections,
digital copies of works are subject to unauthorized copying on a mass
scale. AAP has been extremely supportive of the Justice Department's
prosecution of Dmitry Sklyarov and ElcomSoft for producing and selling
a program to hack through Adobe's e-book DRM protection. Without
copyright protection, publishers could not pay their authors. Fewer
quality works would be produced and readers would lose out. Many
publishers are investing in e-books now, but I think you'll see a
gradual growth in the number of available titles over the next several
years. With Washington actively enforcing the DMCA, publishers have a
stronger incentive to put their content into e-book formats. The Open
eBook Forum (OeBF), a large standards body and trade association for
the e-book industry, houses a working group dedicated to producing
standards for the interoperability of DRM systems. Finally, hardware,
software and presentation will constantly improve to make e-books more
attractive options.

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