[free-sklyarov] Linux update withholds security info on DMCA terror

Tom tom at lemuria.org
Fri Nov 2 09:50:50 PST 2001

On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 07:14:38AM -0500, Kenneth Burger wrote:
> I read about this on Slashdot awhile ago.  My response to it will likely
> piss several people off, but I feel it's necessary.  Alan Cox is either
> using us as martyrs for his cause or he's a coward.

Obviously, you have been living in a box for a while, especially during
the Sklyarov arrest. The danger of being thrown into a small room with
a funny window and a doorlock only on the outside is very, very real.

Now Alan's reaction may be, uh, somewhat weird. But from what I've read
from his postings to the kernel list, he has good reasons, based on
legal advise.

I have learned quite a lot about the US legal system over the past two
years, ever since the DVDCCA trial got started. I probably know more
about the US legal system now than I do about the one in my own
country. The essence of what I learned is this: It's completely fucked
up, and the one thing you do not want to be is become involved in it.
You will not win. Let me repeat that: No matter what you do, no matter
how the case runs, you as the person involved will ALWAYS lose.

At best, the California case has only costed me countless hours of time
and several transatlantic phone calls. That's if the defense "wins" in
For Dmitry Sklyarov, a "victory" in court means he can return to his
home country after several MONTHS of imprisonment and forced stay in a
foreign country.

Alan isn't a coward. He is being realistic. It's the reality that's
fucked up.

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