[free-sklyarov] jail and privilege

Kenneth Burger krburger at burger-family.org
Sat Nov 3 06:15:17 PST 2001

First of all, I got a hold of the uncensored changelogs from a source I
would rather not disclose so as to keep the person out of trouble and I have
posted them at
http://www.burger-famly.org/chglog-2_2_20.txt and

Since this is my home server run on something less than a T1 though I would
appreciate if you used the mirrors at

http://www.geocities.com/vsavatar/chglog-2_2_20.txt and
If anyone wants to volunteer space on their servers I'd be more than glad to

Unfortunately, since my artistic ability is absolutely zero, I haven't been
able to design a web page to link to this stuff yet.  I'm a pretty good
coder, but my ability to do any type of graphic art or layout design is
totally nonexistent.  If anyone wants to make a page up that I can maintain
(i.e. mostly in HTML) and email the the zip file to me I'll be glad to put
it up.

Now, onto the rest of the reply to this message.  I'm sure if I was arrested
or if Alan was arrested for this we would both get legal assitance from the
EFF in fighting this till the bitter end.  I'm not rich.  Slightly
priviliged yes, but not rich.  If Alan doesn't want to do it I understand.
He should at least, however be willing to give access to people who will.
For your info, yes I am young, but in a long term relationship.  I've
discussed the possibility of what could happen with my gf and we are both in
agreement that I am doing the right thing by posting these.  Civil
disobedience has paid off in the past, and I hope and pray that it will pay
off now.  Yes, that's right... pray.  I am a Christian and believe that the
Lord will keep me free, and if he will not, then praise Him anyways.
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> This is in regard to complaints that Alan Cox should perhaps stand down
> and let someone in his place who might be willing to take certain
> consequences, such as jail time in a foreign country (the US). I'm not
> going to question Mr. Cox's view of the law or his recent actions,
> although I don't necessarily agree with either. I just want to point out a
> couple things.
> What one person might be willing to do, another might not, and often
> because of their own personal circumstances. I suspect that some of those
> who want their "leaders" to be willing to risk imprisonment or a
> self-imposed ban on travel to the US are young and single. Nothing wrong
> with that, but do try to empathize in light of the fact that Alan Cox is
> married and may not relish the idea of spending a potentially very long
> time away from his wife. Others (such as Linus Torvalds and our very own
> Dmitry Sklyarov) are not only married but have small children; for them
> the consequences would be even greater.
> There are many ways to resist, and none should be valued as inherently
> "better" than others. For example, if we escalate our protests to civil
> disobedience, some people may be willing to risk arrest. Other people may
> not, and their contributions of legal protest, support, outreach,
> solidarity, etc. are just as important. A given person's choices may
> change over time depending on job and family obligations, illness, or
> other factors.
> It is, in a sense, a privilege to be able to risk arrest and other legal
> consequences. Your average white person is probably going to fare better
> at the hands of the police than a minority of any kind. Youth and health
> will help someone withstand adverse conditions. Making bail and hiring a
> good lawyer require money. And so on....
> Those of you who have this kind of privilege and are willing to use it for
> a good cause, I applaud you. But please realize that not everyone is your
> shoes.
> Peace,
> Martin
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