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You're correct, we cannot win against corporate America as a single person, but as a coalition, as a large organization of people who are willing to stand up for their rights, we can win.  It's all in which side has the best lawyers.  In any case, the preliminary injunction was overturned in DVDCCA vs. Bunner, which, though a small victory, is still a victory in and of itself because it shows us that corporate America does not COMPLETELY own the justice system YET.  The reason I have posted uncensored changelogs which, according to Alan Cox may be a violation of the DMCA is because it's the right thing to do.  Damn the laws if they restrict what we should morally have the freedom to do.  By the way, corporate America does not own the criminal justice system.  They may have their foot upon the civil justice one, but criminal justice is still handled by state and federal attorneys which can be beaten in many cases.  That's not to say that there aren't innocent people in jail, because there are, but it is at least very possible to win in criminal court without having to have Geoffrey Feiger as a lawyer.

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Subject: [free-sklyarov] It's all a matter of PERCEPTION/S..

Being a new subscriber, I feel that the U.S. is doing all it can to
begin its downward spiral and take all of our rights along with them.
Mr. Lemuria is right when he states that the PERSON can NOT win in
federal court, it takes everybody involved to make the difference felt
by the court and the legal "rape" system we have here too. 
Have you ever wondered WHY the "in-justice" system works night and day
to protect corporate america, when the remainder of the population have
a complaint/s; they ignore us with the same fervent zeal? I complained
and filed statements of abuse of authority for one of our Oneida County
"law" enforcement droids.
The senator seems to be dragging his heels doing anything to look into
the charges, so weeks afterwards, i await a call from him.
No matter what drives us, the problem lies with a very corrupt
legal/judicial system that favors big corporations and their deep
pockets of "campaign donations" makes our ever growing government
a protector of the evil and jailer of the innocent!
Just recall the Diallo fiasco...4 cops shot an innocent man at his home;
but they HAD to fire 41 rounds so he would surely NEVER be able to file
charges against them, in a word..M U R D E R!
Thanks to the "jury", they all walked away free to murder again!
The judge presiding on the case should have been disbarred for damn near
ordering the jury to vote not guilty for those "poor" cops were once
again, "just doing their jobs" excuse.
Free speech is what the COURTS say it is, think nothing about what it
really is or states in the Constitution, "we" simple-minded folk
have no idea how to read yet, let alone understand what the full
meaning and intent of those documents mean to the liberty, rights and
freedoms they GUARANTEE, because we all know that government
shall always decide against the people when money is involved.
Dmitry Sklyarov has been forced to be the pawn in a corporate
protectionist play by the government over MONEY, nothing more.
Regardless of what is "said" in the court documents, this is a trial
about who has the biggest bankroll gets the justice that bankroll
deserves(see FCC auctions for more deep pocket law at work). 
Enough ranting here for one sitting...this is a job for us ALL
to be witnesses for, and support any injustice by any means possible as
Sign my name to any letters, documents, complaints and briefs
that you see fit to file, and i will be behind you 100% of the way!
It is said that "The law is tempered with justice", let's find out how
much of that is true. If this is about "pure" justice, then Mr. Sklyarov
would be walking about a free man, not imprisoned by a 
corporation, and that is exactly what got him there to begin with.
Corporations have more rights to liberties and freedom/s than those
with very shallow pockets have...no money, no rights!
Remember, driving is a "privilege", not a right, but YOU MUST pay for it
out of your pockets. Who decided that forced payments are 
constitutional? If you PAID for it, it becomes a right by default,
as does property you paid for, it's YOURS, not under the control of
another, or am I missing something here now?
Some deep pocketed corporate "monster" wanted to change the constitution
to allow ONLY those with huge bankrolls the right to vote in all
elections. This was introduced to our ungracious senator/s from
California or New York i think..set me straight here if you know what i
am trying to convey here please.
Big money gets big government to protect big companies so their
will can be forced upon us. Can you say BAAAAAA?
Why do you think the C.I.A now wants engineers, cryptologists, language
experts and electronic design people in their portfolio
of snooping? The N.S.A is also the BIGGEST snoop into all of our lives,
they listen in on anything, anywhere and at any time, without YOU
knowing about it. ECPA is a "law" that is placed and forced upon the
people, but the government does NOT obey that law,
they make it a crime for us to "listen in", but they listen to many
private conversations daily, all illegal, but WHO can stop this 
BLOATED PIG from violating our right to privacy?
When i use my radio equipment and want to keep comments to the intended
party only, I enable DES on the keypad and I can be relatively sure that
nobody can eavesdrop on my conversation, but even if they CAN crack the
DES codes fast, my conversations do not last long enough for them to
"lock-on" to me, PLUS, I change my 
key many times a month, so the codes are damn near impossible to crack.
Our government wants security, but at the high cost of individual
freedoms, NOT the government's, after all, "they" are the "protectors"
of justice?

Ernest.......`ÒvÓ' Give a hoot!

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