[free-sklyarov] Linux update withholds security info on DMCA terror

Matthew Russotto russotto at pond.com
Mon Nov 5 07:27:37 PST 2001

> Please read Alan's arguments again. He isn't saying that the fixes are
> a circumvention device. Quite the contrary, in fact. The Linux kernel
> could be considered to be a protection mechanism for copyrighted
> works. One way to circumvent the protection would be to exploit
> security bugs. So the information about the bugs could be argued
> to be information how to build a circumvention device.

Yes, this is the tortuous argument I referred to.  However, the fixes to the
bugs (which he is not withholding), particularly in source form, ALSO embody
information about the bugs and how to circumvent them.  Therefore if the
forbids distribution of the ChangeLog, it also forbids distribution of the

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