[free-sklyarov] RE: # 274..."Infringement/s"

ERNEST A. ERICKSON eaerme at newnorth.net
Thu Nov 8 06:16:04 PST 2001

I noticed several disturbing sentences/phrases and paragraphs that
appears to have been solely designed for the use of the government
and it's own brand/s of "circumvention" as it applies to "them" and not
us(They can, We can't).
DMCA "allows" certain useful and protected work/s to be "circumvented"
by the very technology employed to protect such work/s "IF" the use is
for "legal" acts of obtaining "information"
about the "suitability" of such work/s to be used and employed in
other programs, materials and computer systems, technologies and 
encryption "schemes" that may/will allow "porting" of said work/s to
different platforms for the sole purpose of ensuring such "devices" are
first "legally" obtained(did YOU buy that book you thief?) and for
determining if such work/s can be made to "interoperate" within the
"new" platforms and operate in accordance with the original work/s
protections intact and fully operable so that the compiled, completed
and ported "new" work can be fully comprehended on/in several platforms
in addition to the original, intended platform to which the use was
first designed and administered. Did that have enough words of confusion
to make the entire comment on "suitability" appear meaningless?
The copyright "act" is just that; an ACT upon which the government has
full right and title to covet, secure, copy and disseminate within
itself, the entire protected works of anybody without the 
worries of royalty payments, infringement/s, or violations of any law/s
that the government sees fit to avoid and ignore for the simple reason/s
of information gathering and ensuring such laws and 
acts are being complied with by the citizens, consumers and those NOT
connected directly, or through any governmental body within
the states and acting as an agent of those states for the purpose of
regulating and enforcing DMCA, copyrights, and all "devices" designed
for protecting a work or works from being copied without the permission
of the copyright owner/s.
*WHEW*...so much wording for saying NO.

Ignorance of the "law" WILL get you killed....ask Mrs. Diallo!!!!

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