[free-sklyarov] Linux update withholds security info on DMCA terror

Ilya Volynets ilya at theIlya.com
Thu Nov 8 23:01:04 PST 2001

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On Thursday 08 November 2001 03:50 pm, John Dempsey wrote:
> >On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 06:09:28PM -0500, Kenneth Burger wrote:
> >> If you're going to be the leader of something like this then you should
> be
> >> willing to take that risk.  I would.
> >
> >but most of the "leaders" of Free Software didn't want to become
> >leaders. they wanted to hack some cool code, and after a few years
> >realized that people came to rely on them.
> I also resent the idea of personal accountability extending to someone
> else's person.  We all face the perils of DMCA in our own cases, hopefully
> with bravery, but not with the stupidity a suicidal choice can mean.
> Sklyarov faces 25 years for doing his job.  Don't tell people what risks
> they should take for "our" movement.  It is a movement of individuals
> making individual choices, with serious consequences.
I agree with this.

> I believe the Open Source movement should leave America behind.
Well. Following this logic, oss movement should leave all western
world behind (I'm not familiar enough with East to state it).
US is not only place, it's just first.
> What did
> Churchill say?  'And if... this island was subject and starving... in God's
> good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forward to
> the rescue and the liberation of the Old.'

> I saw this site--would welcome the URL, which I've misplaced--which planned
> to publish all data prohibited by the DMCA to the *rest* of the world.  No
> American would be allowed to view it.  That accurately summarizes where
> Linux should go... with or without America.
Divide and conquer... Open Source software movement is world-wide.
Anti open-source software movement (though not as explicit and unifies)
is also becoming world-wide. This "anti-oss" movement doesn't realize
itself as one yet, but very large and powerfull entities see free software
as danger to itself. Microsoft, for example, claims free software to be
a cancer to software industry (sorry, don't have a reference). And as such
entities realize danger of free software to their life model, pressure on
governemnts of all major coutries for laws that in one way or another
prevent it from development. And with US government leading the way, it's
not going to take long.
I'm fine with acts of public disobidience. I'm fine with Alan's actions
as well -- it's everyone's own choice. I'm also fine with site that collects
all DMCA-forbidden software -- that's good way to show what is really
DMCA designed to outlaw. WHat I'm not fine with is forbidding huge and
very influential part of world population -- american lusers -- to access
this information. Without their support it would be very hard to reverse
these processes in US, and, like it or not, it affects the whole world
right now.
Also, do not forget, that *huge* number of lesser free software developers
reside in US.
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