[free-sklyarov] Public Domain (Was: Re: Free Sklyarov)

DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Nov 15 02:16:35 PST 2001

mc> As far as I know (and I've been wrong before), you're certainly
mc> allowed to put your program in the public domain if you want.
I am quite enough informed about what is public domain. This is
not my point here. I just wanted to point out that it is dangerous
to think that every thing must be under somebody's control
If we lack something then naturally we have to decide how to control
the usage of it, but things like air, sunlight, ideas etc are not limited
and there is no need to artificially restrict their usage and doing so
can lead to unnecessary conflicts ...
I personally think that Sklyarov case fits this pattern
and the questions like
who is the owner? who is the copyright holder ? or
who was selling it in US ? are just lawers' garbarge to deal with
What i am interested in is just one simle questions -
Has Dmitry caused any actual damage ?

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