[free-sklyarov] Re-Russian copyright law.

Eric swive at getnet.com
Thu Nov 15 19:59:04 PST 2001

Well, I have to admit that what you say is true because I found an article
to verify it.  And that distinction does change my view quite a bit.

> Russian copyright law 1993 (Copyright and Related rights law)
> indeed grants
> the exclusive rights to the copyright holders to authorize the
> distribution,
> reproduction, comunnication to the public, etc of their works (Art 16).
> However, as I have stated in one of my previous messages the situation is
> slightly different under the employment contract.
> If the work is created in the course of employment the person who
> actually
> creates the work has MORAL RIGHTS on his creation (i.e. the right
> to claim
> authorship) but all the ECONOMIC RIGHTS belong to his EMPLOYER
> (Art. 14 of
> the Copyright and Related rights law). Therefore, under Russian Copyright
> law it is the employer who decides to distribute, communicate to
> the public
> the work or make use of it in any other way. The employee will
> always be the
> author but he does not normally have economic benefits out of it
> (apart from
> his salary). In these kind of relationships the employee transfers the
> exclusive rights to permit or prohibit the use of his work to the
> employer
> although he is still considered an author.
> Igor.
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