[free-sklyarov] DMCA and Unfair use....

ERNEST A. ERICKSON eaerme at newnorth.net
Wed Nov 21 12:13:40 PST 2001

I wonder how anybody can be so well protected by the government so
that anything they bring to the "feds" gets instant reaction and 
forced imprisonment for the accused, even BEFORE he/she was legally
found to BE guilty!
Too bad you travel to the U.S., your visits would impact harder if 
all involved in "security" and cryptography that lived in other nations,
but traveled to the U.S. COULD make a huge impact IF those 
affected people took the matter to court and SUED for relief under
an ILLEGAL law designed solely to protect and enrich the companies
that fought for silly laws like the DMCA.
How about a frontal assault by a million armed and angry programmers and
"geeks" against the law enfarcement that goes after
innocent people just doing what is a RIGHT to do!
How long would crazy, archaic laws last if they were DEMANDED to be
deleted by FORCE, like the arrogant U.S. army does to "other" people in
many regions of the world?
What can be done?....PLENTY, and in force if everybody makes a stand and
fights for the right to do what is fair, legal and RIGHT to do. This
protectionist act the government forces on people for the sheer benefit
and profit of corporations such as Adobe criminal bookmaker, Adope-e and
this law MUST DIE! What better way to make Adobe vanish...DON'T BUY
ANYTHING sold by them...EVER! Don't buy stock in that company..but SELL
off the stocks A.S.A.P.
Force change with money...the ONLY thing the government and big business
takes notice of!
Sorry, but I hate protectionist measures enacted by government for the
sole advancement of business, while screwing the people of the 
nation en-masse.
The U.S. government violates international law/s daily, and "it" 
takes action against anybody it deems to "necessary to punish" if
and when it decides, no matter where they reside.
If armed resistance is necessary to force change..I'M THERE!
American "justice" is a "softer" form of NAZI TERROR cloaked under
a veil of law!
Just because the government says so, does NOT mean it must be followed
or even adhered to in the slightest...REVOLT PEOPLE!!!
When i see thousands of people READY to do REAL BATTLE, then I too, will
join in and offer my "assistance" to stomp on those(pardon
The time is NOW...let's DO IT, not talk about it!
When the nazis smash your door in, do they arrive one at a time...NOPE,
they come in force to make YOUR life miserable, kill and torture you
under the "guise" of the "law"!
DMCA is a farce and MUST be defeated and ignored at every possibility.
When the "law" violates our rights and the "law", it has NO right to
enforce their will against us!
They immediately LOSE any legal authority and BECOME the CRIMINAL
Arrest them, you can, it's called a CITIZEN'S ARREST, and carries the
SAME WEIGHT as ANY "police" arrest!
Oh, and while you are doing this...wear protection(bullet "proof"
vest)...you KNOW police love to shoot first(ask Amadou Diallo)!
My deepest sympathies and respect for the entire Diallo family and ALL
families who were the victims of POLICE TERRORISM in this nation!
An ARMED citizen is a SAFE and ALIVE citizen!

*This letter is protected by viscious guard dogs with teeth, and if you
copy this, they will bite you and hold you down while the chihuahua
tickles you with a feather duster!
You have been warned....LOOK OUT!

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