[free-sklyarov] Dmitry siting in Menlo Park

Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Fri Nov 23 14:49:21 PST 2001

Looking through the Fall 2001 "Menlo Park Info" newsletter distributed a
few weeks back, I found the following item on the inside page:

    The Junk Sign Ordinance -- City Code 8.44.030

    This code prohibits th posting or attaching of signs, posters,
    banners, placards, or handbills on public property.  Public property
    includes highways, streets, roadways, crosswalks, curbs, curbstones,
    sidewalks, utility poles or boxes, hydrants, streetlights,
    buildings, and landscape.

...well, that pretty well covers it .

The photo above clearly shows a "Free Dmitry" flyer.  The utility pole
in question appears to be a mere block away from my apartment, by
strange coincidence.

Pity there isn't a "junk law" ordinance that prevents trampling of
individual's Constitutional rights.

I suppose the City of Menlo Park will also be tracking down and citing
those pesky lawbreakers who've been posting American Flags on highway
overpasses and other public places.


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