[free-sklyarov] Indictment/s.....

Ernest A. Erickson eaerme at newnorth.net
Mon Nov 26 05:16:37 PST 2001

HERE is a chance to prove how much law enforcement LIES to the people!
A fast scan over the indictments proves the FBI, and others will say
ANYTHING to get ANY conviction. 
We ALL must take a stand and ENSURE that REAL justice is taking place;
not this dog-and-pony show!
Right wins over might is fine in the literary world, but when dealing
with LYING POLICE, one MUST take a stronger proactive stand AGAINST
the corruption and DECEIT propagated by the very ILLEGAL DMCA "law".
Send letters of NO CONFIDENCE and as many people should FILE A CLASS
ACTION SUIT AGAINST all law enforcement agents, agencies and departments
for CONSPIRACY to commit FRAUD upon Dmitry and Elcomsoft, Et Al...

"The squeaky wheel gets the oil"

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