[free-sklyarov] Senator Hollings wants to make Linux illegal

Jei jei at cc.hut.fi
Tue Nov 27 06:32:41 PST 2001

Another tragic effort to define laws of nature by laws of man. 

*Information is free*, and no amount of legislation can change
that fact. Copyrights and patents are artificial attempts to
limit the use, knowledge and application of innovations, and as
such they HARM the humanity as a whole. 

More laws will only result in attempts to hinder the natural 
evolution and progess of humanity and the information society.
The United States will only harm itself with such laws. 

For the benefit of a few companies, the people of the United States
will suffer as a whole and pay the price as stagnation of innovation
and evolution, higher prices and limited choices. The dinosaurs will
stagnate to death.

Companies can and should adopt to the fact that information is free. 
They should exploit it to their advantage. Only those who provide the
best, most valuable and effective information channels and services 
will win. Google is one great example of this.

Maybe people need to pick up the book and start preaching to the
unconverted dinosaurs? It doesn't do much good to the cause to 
just repeat the same old facts to the same old audiences.

Paint the town red with dino-blood!!

> Here's a new one, quite tragic to know anyone would actually 
> do something this stupid:
> http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=01/10/19/1546246&mode=thread
> Senator Hollings is off his rocker.

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