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Sorry folks for my screwup!
Here's the MEAT and Taters of what was supposed to arrive....
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It appears that after the initial charges brought about by Adobe in this matter, and subsequently DROPPED by same; how can the government go ahead and hold/charge/indict Dimitry and "company" when the "parent" troublemaker decided(and rightfully so) to drop charges against him?
Me thinks me smells a foul odor of power hungry NAZI-types here.
I also think that because the DMCA has not had the "chance" to be brought into real
"play" to date, the government has taken this opportunity to see just how far this "law"
can evade/erode/deny a person's rights without "offending" the ACLU and other "human" rights organizations and still allow injustices to be "performed" upon the people with almost no backlash in criticism. DMCA, if fought correctly, can and will be defeated on
simple constitutional grounds alone because the very "law" that created it, does supremely violate the first, and fourth amendment of the "now-almost-moot" constitutional "rights"
of the people. Let's face it, the government does NOT like to lose.......!
Doing so against the people makes "them" out to be wimps, and you KNOW how wimpy
those  government terrorist's tanks and machine guns are....right??
Simply ask Randy Weaver, his wife or son, PLUS the Branch Davidians and THEIR
children; all left smoldering in the Texas sun!
Indict everybody, jail everybody and think nothing of PROTECTING those SWORN to BE PROTECTED....baby butchers all!!  Let's VOTE OUT those bastards! 
How about a RAID on the feds homes huh?
Would THEY like to see hundreds of weapons pointed at them for SOCIAL TERRORISM to the citizens? I'll bet not; nor is that ever going to happen in this PACIFIST society of today! Hell, many are even afraid to even speak out against this
treasonous act of opression for fear they too, might be held accountable for doing NADA,
just speaking their mind/s. Anobody who knows me, KNOWS i take no B.S. from any cop, fed or not....I don't have to either!
I have every right to question what, where, when and how they "do" things!
It's time to make the DMCA go away and stop bothering us!
Let's begin a NATIONWIDE COMPLAINT FORM for this and tell them, no, DEMAND that the DMCA MUST be erradicated for good, but never fail to mention about being a 
VOTER to them also; they DO want to stay in office longer I'd be willing to bet!
Every politician's motto: Money first, votes second; Hey, I'm a senator again*S*).
Pass the paperwork to me, and I'll be happy to sign it, as well as my family, friends and 
anybody i can make see the reality of this!
Also, join the NRA as well, since they FIGHT to retain OUR second amendment rights
from the ever-intrusive dictatorial, oft usurped powers of a patently OVER ZEALOUS
federal government "regime".
While we're on the subject; let's go after Carnivore, and Echelon too!!!

Sorry for the previous PGP posting, it was my error, and unintended as well.
This IS what was contained in the original posting.

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