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Ernest A. Erickson eaerme at newnorth.net
Thu Nov 29 06:03:04 PST 2001

Hello again:
I see that Senator Hollings needs to take a "refresher" course in ANY
computer class, so that he can make some worthwhile contributions, but,
like all politicians; he chooses ignorance and propagating ignorance 
with the passage of bills and/or laws he neither understands, nor has
any idea of the consequences of its/their passage.
I can clearly see the direction privacy rights are going, and since the
courts have tossed out common sense and replaced it with butt head
"judges", we'll have a future of incompetent privacy bashing bastards
handing down prejudiced and biased regulation/laws based SOLELY for the 
financial enhancement of corporate america.
Since 2600 lost its appeal, as did Mr. Felton; I am most confident that 
Mr. Sklyarov's case will certainly be lost due to the lack of ANY
understanding of the REAL message Dmitry was attempting to convey!
The government has proven, time and again that it CAN NOT be trusted to
look out for the best interests of THE PEOPLE, but instead, chooses to
safeguard the financial and egotistical permutations that is/are
corporate america(the ones that truly benefit loopholes in laws).
Well folks, the time has ARRIVED to CRUSH these judges by forcing them
to leave office, one way or another!
It appears that since one can research the laws, and i can bet one would
find several items that point to MISCONDUCT and TERMINATION of judges
for VIOLATING the PUBLIC'S TRUST and safety. Any judge that out rightly
consents to protecting a large corporation and IGNORES the remainder of
the population, should, in my humble opinion; be FIRED IMMEDIATELY and
JAILED on top of it! Since our judges sit in comfortable chairs, handing
out sentences to people they neither know or care little about, it's
time to FORCE these judges to hand out LAWFUL SENTENCES, NOT just what
"they" want to hand out. Let's put EVERY CASE UNDER THE MICROSCOPE;
look, dig, research and compare histories of these people and see how
many crimes THEY committed and got away with, ones that "we" get stuck
paying. Hey judge ole' buddy, how about you voiding this speeding ticket
i got, and I'll make sure you get funding from my department for your
"pet" projects...GRAFT makes COURTS "TICK"!
"The wheels of justice trample the innocent, while advancing the corrupt
and greedy"(copyright, 2001 by E.A.E and the vicious dog society.)<pun>
When will the "right" time come to fight this insurmountable oppression, 
when each of our homes are invaded by nazi storm troopers?
do we once again take a back seat and ALLOW these up-front abuses to OUR
PRIVACY. Start here: www.privacyrights.org, OPT-OUT of banks and
financial institutions making money with YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION!

1. American Express: P.O.Box 7800, Monticello, MN. 55462-7800
   ALSO: P.O.Box 299836, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33329-9836; 800.297.8378

2. Capital-One:P.O.Box 85617, Richmond, VA. 23285-5617
   Capital-One Services: P.O.Box 60000, Seattle WA. 98190-6000
   888.817.2970, 800.206.7986(Hearing impaired)
   800.903.3637 (Customer relations) 

3. CalFed Bank: OPT-OUT Request
   P.O.Box 348480, Sacramento, CA. 95834-8480, 

More to come if you wish to have the information listed, or use THIS URL
to access the info on your own:

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