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Thu Nov 29 21:31:47 PST 2001

Nice to meet you and happy to join your group.
I'm a korean girl and go to university.
and I got a project of which topic is world wedding
so i need your help!!
could you answer my questions if you know them?
(you don't have to anwser all of questions 
 i'll be very happy even though you anwser only one or
two :-)

-these are what i want to know.
1. what is the most popular wedding present in your

2. How much money do you need to prepare wedding
ceremony(also, which item do you spend money most for)

3. do you have a unique expression for proposal?
(for example, in korea, a man says "i'll love you
until my black hair turns into white like snow" to his

4. what is the most popular place for honeymoon in
your culture?

5. where and when is wedding ceremony usually held?

please help me!!!
thank you for reading my mail :-)

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