[free-sklyarov] FYI> Dmitry Sklyarov talks about life before, after DMCA indictment

Kurt Foss kfoss at planetpdf.com
Thu Feb 7 11:37:18 PST 2002

Dmitry Sklyarov talks to The Moscow Times about life before, after 
DMCA indictment
  -- Elcomsoft programmer desires stronger copyright laws in Russia

In a recent interview with The Moscow Times republished with
permission on Planet PDF, Dmitry Sklyarov reflects on his recent
return to Russia and some of his experiences while being detained in
the U.S. for five months on criminal charges of violating the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). He hopes to see stronger copyright
laws in Russia so he can earn a living as an Elcomsoft software
programmer. His impressions of the U.S. Justice system:

"It works like a bulldozer that can't move fast and isn't in a hurry
to get anywhere."

rgds ~ Kurt

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