[free-sklyarov] Yet more DMCA madness

Richard M. Smith rms at computerbytesman.com
Wed Nov 20 13:04:23 PST 2002

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We have been given DMCA notices regarding the posting of "Black Friday"
sale prices from the following companies: 

Best Buy 

While we believe that sale prices are facts and can not be copyrighted,
We have made the business decision to comply with the dmca

Our reasoning for this is very simple - Our mission is to serve
consumers - If we were to choose to fight this battle, It would require
more resources than are available - and we would no longer be able to
serve consumers. 

I fully expect this story to be making news sites as early as today. 

Part of the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions state that in order to qualify
for safe harbor protection, we must have no knowledge of the infringing
activity. If we become aware of the removed content being reposted on
our site, We have no choice but to remove the content, or forfeit our
safe harbor provision. I respectfully ask your cooperation on this

On a further note - We have been, and will be in further contact with
the EFF, as well as ChillingEffects.org. 

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