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Fri Jul 8 22:00:42 PDT 2005

Present for the defense:
Joe Burton - lead counsel
Steve Sutro - assoc. counsel
Marina Serebidnaya (sp ?) - immigration counsel

approx 40 - 50 supporters and assorted press in the courtroom

another 30 - 40 protestors on the street out front

Dima is in the house-gave him a thumbs up. wearing santa clara co jail outfit. Somber and respectful.

compliant is sealed

hon infante read charges and miranda rights

da calls him flight risk- w bail, weekley check in and custodial care. Judge asks about immigration staus
burton says this is being worked on. Explains Dimas history and family status calls them impeccable. Has refs from professors and such in moscow. Elcomsoft will pay bail. Docs added to record. Court will issue release w/bail place to stay and travec limition to n. Cal. And weekly check in. Prelim hearing 8 23 01 judge Seaborg. Sergi Osokine is custodial person present in court. Cupertino resident of 8 years. Court accepts custodian. Counsel submits cash posting for bail. Dima signs. cuffs removed. gov wants to keep passport. Judge says ok if INS is cool. 

looks like he will need to process out of sc jail but should soon be out of prison.

bail amount set at $50k


Ed Hintz

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