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Fri Jul 8 22:00:42 PDT 2005

out from the trustee account. On the other hand
money that are not signed can be taken back by preorderer
at any moment.
the band goes into the studio paying ITS OWN money and
doing all the work.
After the album starts shipping money start flowing from the
trustee account to the band.
If someone of preorderers (who's money were signed) does not
agree to transfer money from the trustee account to the band
he must prove the demands he assigned to his preorder are not
fulfilled. If he fails to prove his money are given to the band
if he proves - he takes the money back. The proof MUST BE BASED

- if Z < X, the band can decide to WAIT FOR SOME MORE or
it can announce it abandons the plan so that preorderers are
encouraged to remove their money from the trustee account or
to reformulate their demands and thus REBUILD the trustee account
so it may become more attractive to the band

I have found at least four people interested in discussing this issue
me debug at
Tom tom at
Bob bsmart at
Jeme jeme at
Is it enough to set up a mailing list ?

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