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Fri Jul 8 22:00:42 PDT 2005

29.-(1) Fair dealing with a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work for
the purposes of research or private study does not infringe any copyright in
the work or, in the case of a published edition, in the typographical

(3) Copying by a person other than the researcher or student himself is not
fair dealing if-
(b) the person doing the copying knows or has reason to believe that it will
result in copies of substantially the same material being provided to more
than one person at substantially the same time and for substantially the
same purpose.

Which I still interpret as: if I want to make MP3 copies of music from my
CDs, so long as I don't let anybody else copy the Mp3s then I'm not
infringing copyright.


> That doesn't settle the question of what the entitlements 
> *ought* to be.
> But even if the rightholder is currently entitled to say "no you can't
> copy that CD to your computer and play it back as an MP3" (as 
> is the case
> in the UK), that does not mean the rightholder deserves to be 
> compensated
> financially for such use.
> The question I *really* want the answer to is: has the market 
> not already
> factored unauthorised copying into the price you're selling the CD at?
> > 	We're not saying that you should steal from the Artist 
> - only that you
> > should be able to listen to music you've lawfully paid for 
> the way you
> > want to listen to it"
> "The way you want to listen to it" is going to become an ever more
> important issue; the user wants complete flexibility as to 
> what playback
> device, format, time, location, etc, he/she uses. The 
> rightholder wants to
> charge for every playback.
> This issue is even celebrated in popular culture; in "Men in 
> Black", Tommy
> Lee Jones' character observes he's going to have to buy the 
> Beatles' White
> Album *again* when it comes out in some new format based on 
> advanced alien
> technology.
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