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Fri Jul 8 22:00:42 PDT 2005


Dmitry helped create the Advanced eBook Processor (AEBPR) software for his
Russian employer Elcomsoft. According to the company's website, the
software permits eBook owners to translate from Adobe's secure eBook format
into the more common Portable Document Format (PDF). The software only
works on legitimately purchased eBooks. It has been used by blind people to
read otherwise-inaccessible PDF user's manuals, and by people who want to
move an eBook from one computer to another (just like anyone can move a
music CD from the home player to a portable or car).

Dmitry was arrested July 17, 2001 in Las Vegas, NV, at the behest of Adobe
Systems, according to the DOJ complaint, and charged with distributing a
product designed to circumvent copyright protection measures (the
AEBPR). He was eventually released on $50,000 bail and restricted to
California. In December 2001, was permitted to return home to Russia with
his family. Charges have not been dropped, and he remains subject to
prosecution in the US.

Although Dmitry is home now, the case against Elcomsoft is continuing (to
the detriment of the company), Dmitry's actions in Russia are controlled by
a US court, and DMCA is still the law (to the detriment of everyone). This
site will carry updates as they come...


Michael Smith reminded me of this.


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