[Seth-Trips] Ideas for trips

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Mon Mar 12 18:18:38 PST 2001

Here's my current list of ideas:

BART Museum
Berkeley Bookstores:University and Downtown Area:Serendipity:Solano Area
Berkeley general tour*
C & H Sugar Refinery*
California Independent System Operator
DVD Copy Control Association
Golden Gate Park
Green Apple
Haltek and Weird Stuff
HSC Electronics & Sweet Tomatoes
Lawrence Berkeley Lab*
Long Now Foundation*
MAE West [still requires NDA??]
Mission District Bookstores
NASA Ames [public tours have been suspended]
Ninth Avenue Area (Chelsea/Black Oak II/9th Avenue Books/Golden Gate Park/Einstein's Cafe/Indian place)
North Beach Area (City Lights/Black Oak III/Carroll's Books/restaurants)
Pulgas Water Temple
San Francisco Art Institute
Solano Avenue
Stanford Library
Sutro Tower
Vegetarian Chinese Restaurants*

* These require other people to come, especially people who haven't
  seen these places before.  I would take other trips by myself if
  nobody came.

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