[Seth-Trips] Chuck D at BayFF, Friday, April 6

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Mar 31 11:18:28 PST 2001


   WHAT:   "BayFF" at UC Hastings - Challenges and Opportunities Facing
                Artists in the World of Digital Music
   WHO:    Chuck D, Electronic Frontier Foundation, UC Hastings
   WHEN:   Friday, April 6th, 2001 at 7PM PST
   WHERE: University of California
                Hastings College of the Law
                198 McAllister Street
                San Francisco, CA. 94012
                Room: The Louis B. Mayer Lounge (LBML)
                The building is on the northeast corner of the Hyde and
                McAllister intersection. Parking is available at the Civic
                Center parking lot by city hall.

   This event is free and open to the general public. Food and beverages
   will be served.

   Famed rapper and outspoken activist Chuck D, formally of Public Enemy,
   will keynote April's BayFF as part of the Electronic Frontier
   Foundation's Campaign for Audio-Visual Free Expression (CAFE). CAFE
   works to protect freedom of expression by empowering the creative
   community in cyberspace. Chuck D will address these issues directly,
   speaking on "The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Online Artists."

If I'm not sick this time, I'm going to go.  Hastings is very near the
Civic Center BART station.

(It's also near Millennium, which is supposed to be an incredibly good
restaurant, but which apparently requires dinner reservations way in
advance.  So if anyone who's going wants to eat at Millennium, we
would have to make a reservation promptly, if not already.)

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