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I will be in L.A. trying to prevent the Dark Age in question, but you
who are in the Bay Area can go -- if not to the $500 dinner, at least
to the $9 Lessig lecture.

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Larry Lessig Speaks on New Book at SF Commonwealth Club

On Monday, November 26th at 6:00p.m., Stanford University Law Professor
and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Board Member Larry Lessig
will speak on his new book, "The Future of Ideas," at the Commonwealth
Club in San Francisco.  In the book, Larry warns of the dangers of
corporate power strangling public interest online. He argues that these
powerful forces could usher in a new "Dark Age" in which ideas are more
strictly monitored and filtered than at any time in our history. Tickets are
$6 for Commonwealth Club members and $9 for non-members.  Please
see www.commonwealthclub.org for more information.

After the event, Larry will engage a dozen interested people at the
upscale new Japanese restaurant Ozumo for a meal in the Sunken
Kotatsu room at 8:30 p.m.

Seated on cushions around a low wooden table, you will have the
chance to discuss Larry's book and ideas with him in an intimate
personal setting while enjoying excellent food. You will also be
contributing to an important cause, as the money raised from this
unusual evening will go to furthering the work of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The evening includes the opportunity to talk with Larry about his
thoughts for the future and how we can affect it, your dinner and drinks,
a signed copy of "The Future of Ideas," and a ticket to the speech at
the Commonwealth Club.

The cost is $500. As there are only 12 available seats, space will fill
up quickly.

Please contact Katina Bishop for more information and to RSVP at
415-436-9333 x101 

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