[Seth-Trips] Yreka Bakery and Yrella Gallery

mike dillon mdillon at embody.org
Thu Oct 18 15:12:19 PDT 2001

begin Seth David Schoen quotation:
> What's going on with their service?
> "The North/South Alternative Commuter is currently suspended.  Please
> check back or call us for further info."
> Is this a recent, or a long-time thing?  I've heard great things about
> Green Tortoise in the past.

i haven't heard anything recently, but since their site seems to be
out-of-date in general, it might be easiest to call their information
line to get the latest scoop.

something on their site indicated that the N/S route would not be
operating from January through March of this year, but i'm not sure
whether they ever started back up.


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