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Come on, everybody!  Let's take a trip!

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On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 10:09:00PM -0700, Greg Herlein wrote:
> > >This marks the demise of one of my favorite bookstores in the area.  I
> > >hope Stacy's remains afloat.  It's the only other authorized ORA
> > >dealer in the immediate area I'm aware of, except for Borders (which I
> > >won't visit thanks to their abortive attempt to introduce unsolicited
> > >facial scanning for "known shoplifters".)
> Stacey's in SF is a true independant bookstore, and a good one in
> y opinion.  I am truly saddened that Computer Literacy is no more
> - that was my favorite bookstore in the world, bar none.  Now
> Stacey's has that mantle.  
> In a free market, the most powerful force there is is money.  I
> use what little of that kind of power I have in choosing to spend
> it at stores that are not radically unethical.  I hope you will
> to.

Stanford University Bookstore has the best technical book selection in
the San Francisco Bay Area. It's worth the drive from where ever you are
living or working. ANd why not make a day of it and visit the Termen
Engineering Library as well. It's open to the public.

The University Campus store is the best.

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