[Seth-Trips] Meteors

Sunah Caroline Cherwin slippery at pobox.com
Tue Aug 13 16:18:15 PDT 2002

OK!! I am all better. I am up for a night hike to look at the stars. See this?

Can't wake up at 2 a.m.? Try looking for Perseids instead around 9 or 
10 p.m. when Perseus is hanging low. (Note: it's always hanging low 
in the southern hemisphere.) You won't see many meteors then, but the 
ones you do see could be memorable. Shooting stars that emerge from 
the horizon and streak horizontally through the atmosphere are called 
Earthgrazers. They are remarkably slow, colorful and bright.

Earthgrazers are a good target for city dwellers. Urban lights wipe 
out the rush of faint meteors that streak across darker skies. From a 
big city you can see only the brighter ones.

Perhaps August would be a good time for a trip to the country. There 
you can see the faint Milky Way and hundreds of Perseids ... and 
maybe no one will notice if you shuffle out in your pajamas to watch 
the stars.


So! I propose convening at nine at Inspiration Point. Yahoo Weather 
implies all clear but if not perfect at Inspiration Point, caravan to 
San Pablo Dam Road and HIKE!!!

S, please gimme night hike list info

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