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Friends of the house,

Come check out Lain, the amazing and beautiful tale of a girl who discovers
that she's not human and is not living in a real world. A fascinating and
deeply artistic vision, "Serial Experiments: Lain" consists of 13 segments
of about 20 minutes each.

We've got the box set and a projector and would love to witness the series
with you all. We'll be watching the series at "Watermelon," the name for
HackerDojo's sister house at 1627 25th Street in San Francisco. You'll get
why it's called Watermelon once you show up and pay attention to the colors.

We'll split up the series into two nights (about 2 hours each night):
Tuesday (tomorrow) night and Thursday. Email me if you can come - I hope to
see you there! There will be food provided; probably pizza on Tuesday and
maybe something more exotic on Thursday night.

Bring your friends!

 David E. Weekly
 Founder & Executive Director
 California Community Colocation Project (an OPG project)
 http://CommunityColo.net/ - the world's first non-profit colo!

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