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Physics of Toys

Saturday, July 20th

Noon - 4:00 PM

free with admission to the Exploratorium

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The Physics of Toys interactive laboratory will be open at the Exploratorium.
In conjunction with the new Seeing collection, Physics of Toys will focus on
seeing! Come make toys and do experiments that demonstrate there is more to
seeing than meets the eye - tops, spinners, illusions, 3-D pictures, and much
more. Some of the activities will be scaled-down versions of the full-scale
demonstrations in the Seeing exhibition. Visitors who participate will make-
and-take home your own seeing-related toy.

----> Venue Info <------------------------------------------------------

The Exploratorium
3601 Lyon Street
San Francisco
(415) 561-7337

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raphaelr at exploratorium.edu
(415) 561-0357

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