[Seth-Trips] Fwd: Jeff's in SF Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 6/27 9pm

Susan Julia / Sunah Cherwin slippery at pobox.com
Thu Jun 27 12:34:23 PDT 2002

I met this guy once, at a voice-acting class. I'd love to go see his 
movie tonight. Who wants to come with me?

>Hey all, I'd like to invite you to the premiere of a 35mm short in which
>I co-starred, at the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film
>Festival, Thursday June 27, 9pm, at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.
>It's a crime drama called "Foucault WHO?" and I play the mysterious new
>boy in an S.F. leather bar, who everybody wants to take home. Below is
>the info that the director sent out recently. Hope to see you there!
>Jeff De Lucio-Brock
>Thursday June 27, 9pm, Herbst Theatre (401 Van Ness between Grove and
>McAllister) in "Boys by the Bay" shorts program, San Francisco
>International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
>TIX: http://www.frameline.org/festival/26th/ or 925-866-9559
>Wickie Stamps and Jed Bell would love to have you at the world premiere
>of their short, creepy crime drama, "Foucault WHO?" (color, 35mm, 15
>minutes). With a nod to gay killer Andrew Cunanan, "Foucault WHO?" is a
>sexy little whodunit--or who *will* do it?--set in a gay men's leather
>Talent both in front of and behind the camera ranges from former
>International Mr. Drummer Graylin Thornton to veteran actor Leon Acord,
>with costumes by Mr. S Leathers, a Hitchcock-style nail-biting score by
>Patrick Bowsher, and a beautiful 35mm film blowup by Vancouver's
>cutting-edge Digital Film Group (who also transferred "The Cockettes" to
>film). Not to be missed are hot lead actors Walter Delmar, Jeff De
>Lucio-Brock, and Jayson Matthews, as well as glimpses of local filmmaker
>and Tranny Fest legend Christopher Lee--and the chilling voice talent of
>Erin-Kate Whitcomb (last seen on screen with Billy Bob Thornton and Cate
>A technogeek's dream, "Foucault WHO?" was shot on PAL (European-format)
>digital video, then transferred to 35mm film--giving it the beauty of a
>film print at a fraction of the cost. Wickie and Jed, first-time
>filmmakers, also lucked out when Tom Freeman, first assistant editor of
>"Toy Story" and editor of the 2002 Academy Award-winning short "For the
>Birds," graciously agreed to cut the film.
>Screening copies, a full credit list and further info all available on
>Thursday June 27, 9pm, Herbst Theatre - Be there or be Derrida! --Jed
>and Wickie

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