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I'm not sure if I can go.  Note that there are three talks, not just

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Vincent Coli (vince AT aetherwire DOT com)
UltraWideBand technologies from ?ther Wire & Location, Inc.

Ikeda Nobuo (ikeda-nobu AT rieti DOT go DOT jp)
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry The Spectrum as Commons

Bill Arbaugh (waa AT cs DOT umd DOT edu) and
Arunesh Mishra (arunesh AT cs DOT umd DOT edu)

An Initial Security Analysis of the IEEE 802.1X Standard
The IEEE 802.11 standard is now known to lack any robust security 
mechanism. A proposed long term security architecture for 802.11 is the 
Enhanced Security Network (ESN) which uses the recent IEEE 802.1X standard 
as a basis for access control, authentication, and key management. In this 
talk, we will present several security problems (session hijacking, and the 
establishment of a man-in-the-middle) we identified in the state machines 
of the protocol as well as a severe implementation flaw in a popular 
implementation. We will also present solutions and mitigation strategies to 
the problems we've identified.



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