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It would be a shame to miss this, and I'll make an effort to go.

Professor Felten's home page:


Some of EFF's involvement with Felten:


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>Subject: [stanford_CIS] CIS speaker series: Ed Felten
>The Center for Internet and Society presents?
>Ed Felten
>Associate Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University &
>Visiting Fellow, Center for Internet and Society
>The Freedom to Tinker
>Tuesday, April 2, 2002
>12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
>Room 80 (Moot Courtroom)
>Stanford Law School
>All welcome.  Lunch will be provided--
>first come, first served.
>"Freedom to Tinker" is the freedom to understand, repair, and improve the 
>technological devices you own.  This freedom, which has been eroded by 
>recent changes in markets and the law, is the organizing principle behind 
>an increasing political and legal awareness among technologists.  In this 
>talk, Professor Felten will outline the ideas behind the freedom to tinker 
>movement, using examples drawn from the current battles over copy 
>questions?  contact Carinne Johnson at Carinne.Johnson at stanford.edu or 
>Carinne Johnson
>Assistant to Lawrence Lessig
>Stanford Law School
>559 Nathan Abbott Way
>Stanford, CA 94305
>phone: 650.725.2565
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