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I may be there. =)

The location might be handy:

As would the comments on the film:

N Is a Number

George Paul Csicsery (U.S., 1993)

Introduced by Ron Graham
Ron Graham holds the world record for the highest number ever used in a
mathematical proof, known as Graham's number. A former president of the
American Mathematical Society, he is currently Chief Scientist at UC San
Diego's California Institute for Telecommunication and Information
Technology. Graham was a close friend and collaborator of Paul Erdös; his
introduction will touch on Erdös's career and the making of N Is a Number.
A man with no home and no job, Paul Erdös was the most prolific
mathematician who ever lived. A wandering genius, Erdös, who died in 1996 at
the age of eighty-three, spent his life engaged in a cosmic struggle to
uncover truths hidden by a stubborn adversary - God. In N Is a Number he
describes this metaphysical duel with the same wry humor he applied to
politics, relationships, and death. Following Erdös through four countries
to discover what makes mathematicians tick, the documentary presents his
mathematical quest, its personal and philosophical dimensions, and the
tragic historical events that molded his life. Animated sequences help
enliven the kind of mathematical problems Erdös pursued, offering further
insight into a man once described as "the prince of problem solvers, and the
absolute monarch of problem posers."


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