[Seth-Trips] Park Challenge, June 28

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Mon Jun 2 22:55:42 PDT 2003

I went to a puzzle hunt (or treasure hunt) on Sunday.  I wasn't an
official contestant, but I got to go through the course after the
event was over and solve most of the puzzles.  It was great, great

It turns out that there is a whole series of these events put on
fairly regularly in the Bay Area, and many are open to the general
public (on payment of a nominal fee -- I think it's kind of like Bay
to Breakers).  You form teams of approximately four people, and follow
one clue to the next clue over a series of hours.  While a lot of the
players are college students, some of the largest hunts apparently
attract hundreds of contestants of all ages.

The next large-scale public treasure hunt coming up in the Bay Area is
called the Park Challenge, and will be held in Golden Gate Park on June
28.  I think I'd like to enter if I can get a team together.


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