[Seth-Trips] BART to SFO news

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Thu Jun 12 11:06:14 PDT 2003

Sumana pointed out that you can see the new BART stations a day early
(on Saturday, June 21) by paying only a single excursion fare.


In fact, you can do better than that.  For example, if you start from
the 16th Street BART, go on an excursion, and get off at 24th Street,
you'll pay only $1.15 (not $4.00).

I'm not sure if I want to do this, because it might be more exciting
to be able to _get out_ at the SFO station.  On June 21, it's not
clear whether you'll be able to _get out_ at SFO (although there seems
to be a suggestion in the text that you can: "No ticket is required
for riders entering the BART system at one of the new stations, provided
they exit from one of the new stations after completing their tour.").
Perhaps you can get on at 16th Street, get off at SFO with no ticket,
get back on at SFO with no ticket, and exit at 24th Street, paying $1.15!

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