[Seth-Trips] SF County Transportation Authority Open House Monday 6/16

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Mon Jun 16 11:21:28 PDT 2003

begin  The ASCII Floating Head of Seth David Schoen  quotation:
> > > ----- Forwarded message from suldrew <andrew at sulli.org> -----
> > > [...] come to an OPEN HOUSE held by the SF County Transportation
> > > Authority MONDAY at 6 pm, at 401 Van Ness (Green Room, Second
> > > Floor) at McAllister.
> How does this Authority relate to the Muni system?

	That's a good question.  San Francisco, Honolulu, and maybe
one other American city have unified city/county borders.  Basically
the only time the difference between the city and county of San
Francisco becomes relevant is when it is necessary to deal with other
counties.  The Muni system travels into San Mateo county, and I think
one line ventures briefly into Marin.

	It's true that Muni is a *municipal* system, but San Francisco
has a very hodge-podge layout for local government.  Basically we
looked at all the other cities and said "let's rewrite our charter for
the eighth time.  What do the other folks have?  Strong mayor?  Sure.
Merit-based City Manager?  Yeah, we'll take that too!  Citizen
Commissions?  That sounds nice.  Board of Supervisors?  Okay.  Let's
throw in city-level Intitiatives, Referenda, and Recalls, and call it
a government!"

	I swear, San Francisco has had more constitutional rewrites
than France.



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