[Seth-Trips] EL wire sold/demonstrated today in Oakland

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sun Jun 22 16:08:12 PDT 2003

I went with Ben to a similar event last year.  It was pretty cool;
they did a live soldering demo and invited visitors to try it out.

It's hard to get there without a car (and I'm not free today), but it's
going on for two more hours today -- if you want to learn how to use
electroluminescent wire and/or buy some from a local dealer.

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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 19:10:21 -0700
From: Benjamin James <bjames at coolneon.com>
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Subject: Lower Wire Prices & June 22nd Soldering Party

 Thanks for taking the time to check out our email. We understand (and 
endure) the outrageous quantity of spam that circulates on the web,  and 
that is why we limit our email announcements to as few as possible. But 
this time we have truly exciting news for everyone addicted to the light:

In celebration of  the purchase of our very own live/work space, we want 
to make this the brightest Burning Man ever!!

So,  from now until Burning Man,  we are lowering our Cool Neon  prices 
for each and every one of our customers.

Here's the new pricing:

Angel Hair (1.3mm) regularly priced at $1.50 per foot  is now just:   
      $1.00 per foot!
Standard (2.3mm) regularly priced at $1.80 per foot is now  just:       
  $1.30 per foot!
Phat (3.2mm) regularly priced at $1.90 per foot is now just:           
  $1.39 per foot!
Hella Phat (5.0mm) & Tail Wire  regularly priced at $2.10 per foot is 
now just:      $ 1.51 per foot!

All of our high brightness (shorter life) Cool Neon stocked for last 
year's Burning Man projects is now $1 per foot in all diameters while 
supplies last.

So help us celebrate and get GLOWING!

We are also very pleased to announce our very last soldering party in 
our old warehouse.

When:  Sunday June 22nd, from 1 to 6 pm.
Where: 2421 Peralta Street, Oakland CA

We have lots of  closeout specials of merchandise we will not be taking 
to our new cozier home. These items will be available at the party or 
online after the party on our specials page. Be sure to check  them out at:


For more information and/or directions please visit our online home at:


or call (510) 547-5878.  We are in the office Monday through Friday from 
9am to 5pm.

Our next soldering party will be in mid July at  Cool Neon's new home 
nine blocks down the street.

Thanks for reading, and remember to never be afraid of the Light!!!!

The Funhouse Crew

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