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Subject: Ig Nobel Ceremony, Cambridge, MA, 9/30

The 14th Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony will take place at Harvard on 
the evening of Thursday, September 30:


Tickets are $20-28 (student prices available), and you can get round-trip 
airfare for under $300 (based on a quick check of San Jose-Boston prices 
on Orbitz).

This year's event includes the world premiere of "The Atkins Diet Opera" 
as well as a contest to win a date with a Nobel laureate.


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"Think of all the craniums in the world. Where would we look?"

- Prof. Vito Marin, on the mystery of Petrarch's missing skull

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If you have some way to get around in Massachusetts, you could still
get $200 roundtrip on Southwest with OAK-BDL.  Same OAK-BOS on
JetBlue.  (Wow, I should take another vacation.)

I encourage people who go to the Ig Nobels not to miss my birthday. :-)

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