[Seth-Trips] Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

David E. Weekly david at weekly.org
Fri Feb 13 14:11:02 PST 2004

> I have a question about that.  When I was a prospective Stanford student
> (I forgot if you have to have been admitted yet in order to be a profro),

"profro" as I understood it is generally the term used to refer to someone who
has been accepted to attend Stanford but hasn't yet necessarily decided whether
or not they want to go. So the "prospective" is such insofar as Stanford, at
that point in the process, is the one trying to sell itself.

> I was told that Stanford people actually used terms like "profro" and even
> developed their whole rhyming slang.  Is this for real?

[cough] Perhaps.

I *did* find it one of the very few grating cultural aspects in an otherwise
fantastic institution. "Let's grab a FroYo at the CoHo after MuFuUnSun and head
back to FroSoCo. Then we can head down to HooTow and MemChu, avoiding the evil
grad students in CroMem."


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